Evive a pleasant surprise

Ice cubes look like space food, don’t taste like space food, and fill your food space.

I was sceptical. Frozen cubes of food that you put in a mason jar, then fill the negative space with water, and wait. Space food I thought. It will taste like space food and the next thing you know my family and I will be sitting around the dinner table and an alien will explode from my chest and boom, I ruined another suppertime. I’m always the bad guy. But, this time I was surprised.

A vast array of options to be had.

Not only did an alien not explode from my rib cage (yet), each Evive concoction was delicious in its own way. And, I didn’t just have to do it their way.

I blended the Viva, the Sana, and the Azteque cubes into individual delicious smoothies that my kids and I loved. They had suggested liquids to compliment to the cubes and it was helpful, but after a few (and realizing I didn’t have the liquid suggestions), I ended up mixing and matching made each drink with whatever I had and they still ended up tasty and fun. It offered a variety to what usually is a predictable routine. It made me excited to eat healthily. No one threatened to eject me out of the imaginary airlock for the first time in weeks.

I used the Tom Thai cubes as a chicken sauce and it blew my mind (not in a Chris Hadfield spacewalk/the incongruity was stupefying way). Both Elizabeth and I loved it. It felt like I just ordered it from a good food truck. Not a bad one. Bad food trucks will definitely give you aliens. This was delicious and succulent. Perfect for our meal.

The Viva

Overall, I did the advertised mason jar waiting game with a few of the cubes and (spoiler alert), Ripley was pregnant with the alien the whole time! Sorry, I mean they deliciously delivered. Some were exactly what you expected, which is not a bad thing (better to laterally perform than under if you drift my catch), and some were above and beyond. My favourites were the Saphir, the Cashew Mocha, and the Yin.

At just under $4 per eight cube circlet (you can use half at a time if you wish), each smoothie delivered on flavour, palatability, and nutrition. If one so wishes, this could be a really good smoothie cleanse. I would recommend pairing the smoothies with a complimentary viewing of Alien, or Aliens, or Free Solo (as a pallet cleanser).

For more info visit HERE!

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