I Borrowed This From Your Heart

As we struggle through whatever this is just remember how bored we were before there was something to struggle through. I remember sitting still with my legs hung over the edge of an eroded-out lake embankment, staring at a breathing body of water as the sun danced crystals upon it and in that moment realize…

‘Let’s Learn About Chemistry’ review

As far as children’s books go they can be hit or miss. They can talk down to children, just generally not make sense, or make them think that they ate a whole bag of expired gummy vitamins. ‘Let’s Learn about Chemistry’ is not one of those books.

Three Point Forge

With my background in wilderness guiding, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about outdoorsy stuff. Where to camp, good trails, with rivers to paddle.

I’m turning 45

Tomorrow, (Oct. 15 2020) will be my birthday. I’m glad to be turning 45. There were many times when I wasn’t sure I would make it here, let alone be surrounded by love and a wonderful family. For the passed several years I’ve been doing a stand up comedy bit for the Edmonton Comedy Festival…

Telus World of Science Virtual Camp

My son was a part of a week long Virtual Summer Camp hosted by the Telus World of Science. It was called ‘Hello Earthlings’ and the premise was that the camper plays an alien visiting earth.

Nude Pride

*Editor’s note: This is a pseudo sponsored post. You see, I enjoy Nude Vodka. Just the right amount of flavour. So, I thought I would contact them (they didn’t contact me) as they have their Pride Pack’s supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community this month. Yes, it is nearly the end of the month, but screw that….

A movie, a book, a meal, and a mantra

This is not a fluffy collection of happy go lucky recommendations. I would not suggest some of these to those who are prone to the sads. These are things I enjoy, you may not.