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Baby Gourmet – Get Into My Face

August 11, 2019

Several months ago a box of Baby Gourmet snacks showed up on our doorstep. YES!! We’ve been dedicated Baby Gourmet users since our first Bean arrived in 2014. I’d like to say we were first drawn to the non-GMO organic ingredients – no fillers, added sugar or salt, or artificial preservatives of any kind, product,… Read More ›

Free Grinch

I really didn’t expect much from the newest Grinch film. Sure, it had Babycakes Mumblecrunch (Benjamin Cumberbatch) voicing the Grinch, but I really wasn’t aware of much else. I just assumed it was another Christmas money grab. When I was approached to review it and get some stuff, I said, “Sure, I like stuff”. And… Read More ›

Massago is the message

I would like to preface this story with an explanation: I get pitched every few months with a few ideas for products or services that people or companies would like me to review. I don’t take them all. Some I have taken and have returned. Some, I just don’t want to talk about. This is… Read More ›

Win a family pass to the Edmonton Expo (Updated)!

*Update: The winner is Kaitlin Fong* Hey nerds! The lovely folks at the Edmonton Expo have given me a family pass (2 adults and up to 4 kids for one day (Friday Sept. 21, Saturday Sept. 22, or Sunday Sept. 23)) to give away to. All you have to do is share/retweet this post on… Read More ›

…and the most beautifully horrific film I’ve ever seen.

First off: This was a long time coming. The winner of the extremely functional Ripshot toque is Chantelle Abma for her vodka memory in five words. Vodka memory: Bus ride tattler ruins the day.* Explanation: “Taking a bar fridge sized bottle of it to school when I was maybe like nine or so, showing it… Read More ›

Ripshot to the heart and I’m to blame

One of the perks of writing an award-winning daddy blog, aside from opening every conversation with an introduction that contains that phrase, is that I get to pitch up and coming companies story ideas. This story is a product of that. It went something like: Hi Ripshot, I see you are an up and coming company… Read More ›

Your opinion needed

I’m mulling over the idea of making stickers. Here are 5 ‘slogans’. I chose the image because I like it. Tell me which is your fave by posting in the comments below. If you don’t like any, then I’d like to hear that also. Thank you for your time.

Clearly a good experience

It all started with a joke: Check that. It all started with some strong little hands that love grabbing things off of my wife’s face. And mangling. There was mangling. Then came the joke. So yeah, my timeline is a bit off. What can I say, we were grieving. Anyway. Then this happened: I thought,… Read More ›

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