‘Let’s Learn About Chemistry’ review

As far as children’s books go they can be hit or miss. They can talk down to children, just generally not make sense, or make them feel like they ate a whole bag of expired gummy vitamins. ‘Let’s Learn about Chemistry’ is not one of those books.

While there isn’t much of a story line to this classy little hardcover, the information inside is still engaging. And one thing is for sure, it does not talk down to kids. It elevates them and makes its subject matter accessible.

Screen shot of one of the pages from Let’s Learn About Chemistry

Through the mechanism of ‘one of these things are not like the other’ Chemistry walks the child through the difference between solids and liquids, types of physical change, and the definition of micro and macro, amongst other things.

With the use of the phrase ‘what makes it different’ the child is taught simple chemistry terms and makes the book mentally active and fun. I tested it out on my 4 year old to see what she thought. She got a good portion of the differences, while some of the info was a bit to advanced for her. But, I really enjoyed reading it to her and trying to explain it. I asked her what she thought of the book. Here is what Ripple said:

“It was good because it has my favourite colours. It is showing how we eat correctly. It is fun to look at, and the book looks like it is part butterfly. I like all the girls in the books. There are usually just all boys. That is no good.’

By making something diverse, informative, fun, and to the point, author Stephanie Ryan PHD and illustrator Christine Cagara created something that is exactly what ‘Let’s Learn About Chemistry’ says it is and offers worth beyond its pages.

One important add on is that the book generates conversation. It generates ideas and introduces names to things that some kids just see and don’t conceptually grasp. This creates interest. This creates future scientists.

Author Stephanie Ryan, PHD

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