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Of nature and math

April 2, 2018

To quote Al Swearingen, “Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh.” Many months ago, I got some awesome knives. Steak knives. I got them from the House of Knives. House of Knives sent them to me in exchange for an honest review. I was going to cut some steak with these… Read More ›

Michelle Obama murdered Joan Rivers and is a man

My toddler is learning how to lie. Today he told Elizabeth that I said some things to him. These things benefitted him and his stance on bedtime. This isn’t new. Other fibs he’s told have leaned towards him getting more candy or TV or bees (long story). I never said any of the things he… Read More ›

Boxing floats

    About six months ago I realized that something was missing from my life. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I had a feeling that I’d know it when I saw it. It wasn’t until I was punched in the face by a teenager twice my size that I realized what it was:… Read More ›

Chic Choc rum o’clock

I fell in love with rum on a trip to Cuba a few years ago and I haven’t turned back. It tasted clean and strong. It didn’t leave my belly with ‘the jimmies’. It is now my spirit of choice. Although rum has a strong relationship with my Maritime homeland of Cape Breton, I left… Read More ›

A surprising moment of calmness and clarity

I have a feeling that, in quoting the Blur song, this is a low. A low for politics, for society…for decency. As you can tell I’m a bit bummed. And so are a lot of you (probably). But, I was given something today I was surprised by. It is a children’s science book called Childcraft. First… Read More ›

Nalaz you fools: a restaurant review

E and I are cautious of trying new places because we have a toddler and a threenager. They are vivacious, mobile, illogically opinionated and sometimes they go feral. Anyway, we are wary. Nalaz Kitchen (formerly Cocos and many other things), has been being renovated for a while and finally opened on January 10th. Our curiosity led… Read More ›

Paw Patrol is Satanic

    Anyone who has seen this so-called cartoon knows that Paw Patrol is purest of evil. So very. It has control over the minds of our children. It sometimes has control over mine. The other day, someone asked me, “Who is on a roll?” I almost said Paw Patrol. Is everywhere. Always. For me, I’ve… Read More ›

The breakfast paradox

Fetish: time

I’ve always had a thing for watches. Sport watches, smart watches, technical watches, pocket watches with cartoon pin-up girls on them that my wife has given me as a gift …all of them. In fact, one of the first fights I had with my wife after we got married was about this collection of broken… Read More ›

How babies are made

I think it safe to say that most of you reading this were born. I mean sex was had, conception achieved, and a baby birthed. What I’m trying to get across is that we all owe a lot to sex. And, I think it is safe to point out, most people enjoy at least some… Read More ›

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