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Logan: A metaphor for fatherhood

March 3, 2017

First and foremost, this is a movie for adults. Not that kids shouldn’t see it (they can see and hear worse by watching the news or by mistyping in a search engine), but it is a comic book story told in a mature and expansive manner. There is your usual themes, good vs. bad, age… Read More ›

Four haikus about postpartum

  First wave: Misunderstanding. Our home is now upside down. What just happened? Second wave: What is going on? Did I wake up somewhere else? Am I still asleep? Third wave: My efforts don’t work. I don’t think I can take this. I don’t have a choice. Fourth wave: I love my partner. She is… Read More ›

Animal husbandry

*Editor’s note: I’m the animal and the husband referred to in the title. Of all the things I forget while being a father, there is one that bothers me the most. No, it isn’t following through on promises (letting the toddler drive), or not joking about ridiculous things (giving the toddler a face tattoo); nor is it… Read More ›


Prologue: I try to stay away from ‘sponsored stories’ on this site. I want to be able to say what I want without having to worry about anyone’s ‘guidelines’ or ’emotions’ or ‘why do you swear so much’ malarkey. But, when the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) contacted me, I did not feel the same way. I… Read More ›

Sabbatical Star Galactica

  Ho. Lee. Shit. Where do I start? So, we had another bit of magic. On Oct. 25. A girl. Brytallique Arguebarn Firehazard Wilkie. Named after my imaginary childhood ombudswoman. Nope. Srsly though, srsly. Calm down guys. Elizabeth cooked another beauty. The babe (Whom we will call Beth (After MacBeth, the Scottish play that shall not… Read More ›

Fatherview: Ryan Jespersen

I first met Ryan…actually, I  can’t remember. I remember when I met Kari (she interviewed me for a play I wrote called Book On Tape), but Ryan…it was probably in a social setting. There was probably some liquid bread. We probably had a very in depth conversation about something that we immediately forgot afterwards. Anyway…. Read More ›

Itchy trigger Fringer

There has been quite an extended bit of radio silence here at the Undad for 2.5 reasons. I’m in 2.5 shows in the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival. Why would I do that you ask? Simple answer: sheer staggering stupidity. Real answer: I like to keep busy, and before E and I knew Bean number 2 was… Read More ›

Fatherview: Ryan Parker

Ryan Parker gets shit done. An actor, musician, photographer, writer, husband and father, he’s been there/done that and is still doing it. From the Be Arthurs, to Caution: May Contain Nuts, to The Mayfield Dinner Theatre (and on and on), Ryan makes the Energizer Bunny look like an old pair of shoes tied together and… Read More ›

Fatherview: Jason Strudwick

If you look close at Jason Strudwick you can see a collection of scars. Punches, stitches, a few hockey stick blades…whatever causes a scar, they are stories told on his face. He was a stalwart NHL defenceman for several teams. To some, he’s the burly gent that can deliver a bitchin’ press lift on Battle of the… Read More ›

Modern Gods

I’m not a religious person. I was when I was a kid. Baptized. Confirmed. Confessed. The whole shebang. Then, as a teenager in the woods looking up at the stars, I had a moment of personal clarity. How could so many people be right? How could so many people be wrong? “God does exist, just not… Read More ›

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