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My Emotions

December 28, 2019

Note: I haven’t written anything in a while. This will probably answer why. If not, then I am ok with that and you and us and all. A lot of kiddly things written focus on children’s emotions. How to deal with them, how to embrace them, how to talk about them, etc. I find dealing… Read More ›

Happenstance Happy Dance

Picking up the littlest from daycare the other day provided me with a healthy reminder to check my assumptions. “Before you check out, I have an incident report to review with you.” the daycare employee said to me. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. My brain screamed. I turned my head. I squinted at the… Read More ›

I Got Hustled at Heritage Days (alternative title: I may need to learn how to clarify expectations in advance or use straight talk in front of my kids)

I hate disappointing my kids. Truly. Although, is there anyone that is like, man, I love disappointing my kids. It’s glorious. Watching their little faces fill with sadness, I live for that! So, I try to set reasonable expectations. We are going to Heritage Days. We have bought tickets in advance. We have this much… Read More ›

Can We Just Take A Moment?

The air has been filled with noise lately. So much noise. The radio, like the comment section, is an angry buzz of change and frustration. People are stretching, just as others are huddling. How’d we get here? We’re stuck in these endless cycles of “busy” and just “one more sec,” “one more email,” and “one… Read More ›

Episode 47: Japandrew

Mr. Andrew Paul came back from visiting the land of the rising sun with a series of very good questions. He thought he’d ask me them. And more! This episode is powered by ATB and sponsored by the Alberta Podcast Network. Thank you to Andrew Paul and the Edmonton Community Foundation for the recording space and production help. Thanks to… Read More ›

Episode 46: BTS_TWT

As a father to two kids who are under five years of age, I need to try new things. So, in this incarnation of The UnDad Podcast, I review several songs by the South Korean super boy band BTS. With the help from Twitter of course. This episode is powered by ATB and sponsored by the Alberta Podcast… Read More ›

Free Grinch

I really didn’t expect much from the newest Grinch film. Sure, it had Babycakes Mumblecrunch (Benjamin Cumberbatch) voicing the Grinch, but I really wasn’t aware of much else. I just assumed it was another Christmas money grab. When I was approached to review it and get some stuff, I said, “Sure, I like stuff”. And… Read More ›

Episode 39: A Centurion

OKAY. There is a lot to unpack here. I went to a drinking game but didn’t play the game but had fun because that is what games are all about DO YOU DIG IT? It was with Andrew Scott from the It’s a Conspiracy podcast, Quinn Clark from the Learning to Listen podcast, Dan from… Read More ›

Episode 38: The Bryan Baeumler experience

Bryan Baeumler will be spitting truth at the Edmonton Renovation Show this January 25-27 (@yeghomeshows). In this episode he shares some special insights into why he is how is, how he does what he does, and why chasing eels on the shore of the Sydney River makes a person who they are (@hgtvcanada). For the… Read More ›

Episode 37: The Jenerator

I don’t know how or why I’ve been this lucky…but maybe I do. Anyway. I met Jenny Adams a million years ago when she first worked for Help TV. She is solid people. Even though she does not understand the existential architecture of the Snuggle Dungeon, she will always be welcomed in it. This episode… Read More ›

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