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Jeff the horse

August 10, 2017

One night, Jeff the horse had a dream. He was frantically galloping through a field towards a thing in the distance. It was, he saw, a figure. The figure was small, diminutive, but it emanated a sense of being that drew Jeff and he was uncontrollably was propelled towards it. In sudden immediacy, he stopped… Read More ›

An actual bridge over troubled waters

  I walk down the river valley because the river valley is rip ass awesome. Makes you not think, distraction wise. And water has magical properties. I was raised near the Atlantic so I gots a thing for mass liquidity. Short story long, on my way down into the valley of the river on this… Read More ›

A Sloppy Homage

Dear new parents: A sloppy homage   Yeah, all the pictures show happy babies or comedy. They show a cohesive and strong family core. Love, family, longevity…well, this is rose coloured glasses. It’s tough, this whole family thing. This whole marriage thing…this parenthood thing…as it should be. Nothing so intentionally undertaken that is this rewarding/scarring should… Read More ›


You have this smile. Hidden with a head tilt but your eyes aim up. Eyes are high and looking at me. Clocks stop with those eyes. I smile back and time starts again. I’m not the man I was when we met. Thank you for that.

Little Hell and the Miniature Sarlacc just want sustenance

We are forever arguing with Little Hell to eat. Each meal includes a lecture that is followed by a countdown, a countdown that leads to bed. He hates this. So do we. But all we want is for him to eat. Today, we found some compromise. I have a running joke that food would taste… Read More ›

Logan: A metaphor for fatherhood

First and foremost, this is a movie for adults. Not that kids shouldn’t see it (they can see and hear worse by watching the news or by mistyping in a search engine), but it is a comic book story told in a mature and expansive manner. There is your usual themes, good vs. bad, age… Read More ›

Four haikus about postpartum

  First wave: Misunderstanding. Our home is now upside down. What just happened? Second wave: What is going on? Did I wake up somewhere else? Am I still asleep? Third wave: My efforts don’t work. I don’t think I can take this. I don’t have a choice. Fourth wave: I love my partner. She is… Read More ›

Animal husbandry

*Editor’s note: I’m the animal and the husband referred to in the title. Of all the things I forget while being a father, there is one that bothers me the most. No, it isn’t following through on promises (letting the toddler drive), or not joking about ridiculous things (giving the toddler a face tattoo); nor is it… Read More ›


Prologue: I try to stay away from ‘sponsored stories’ on this site. I want to be able to say what I want without having to worry about anyone’s ‘guidelines’ or ’emotions’ or ‘why do you swear so much’ malarkey. But, when the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) contacted me, I did not feel the same way. I… Read More ›

Sabbatical Star Galactica

  Ho. Lee. Shit. Where do I start? So, we had another bit of magic. On Oct. 25. A girl. Brytallique Arguebarn Firehazard Wilkie. Named after my imaginary childhood ombudswoman. Nope. Srsly though, srsly. Calm down guys. Elizabeth cooked another beauty. The babe (Whom we will call Beth (After MacBeth, the Scottish play that shall not… Read More ›

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