The Magicing
The Magicing

I’ve turned forty and have learned something:

Beside every Undad there who is as equal and awesome (mostly awesomer) as they are.

I’d be lost without Elizabeth Wilkie.

Without her, I’d be just some train jumping hobo who’d need to ‘Dutch Rudder’ an American congressman in order to steal enough fancy hotel bathrobes to pawn for McNuggets. .

I’d be nothing.

I’d be what nothing blew its nose in.

I’d be what nothing made fun of to make itself feel better.

The shit she goes through on a daily basis (physically) is sisyphean.

The mental? Lets just say that I’m doing my best for a perpetual mental toddler.

Elizabeth is a frustrating insightful teacher and a wonderful wife/mother. Awe inspiring actually. Awesome.

She is precise and focused. Everything has a purpose. A red headed Patton.

She makes me feel alive and worthwhile. She makes me relevant. I am doing my best to reciprocate.

So, in conclusion: I’m the luckiest person I know. I know it.

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