Large groups of babies


Elizabeth, the little hoser and I recently attended a program put on by the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) called Baby Laptime.
Firstly I would like to mention that the EPL is effing awesome, or as the cool kids put it, fucking awesome. The amount of eclectic programming they have available for free to the public is, also as the cool kids put it, totally rip ass.1
Secondly, Baby Laptime is where you get a whole bunch of parents, mostly moms (I was the only dad there), and babies and you put them in a room and you sing songs. It was as wonderful as it sounds.
There was every kind of baby there. Laughing babies, sleeping babies, quiet babies, crawling babies, flying babies (nope) and at least three invisible babies.
Val, our song hero, led us all in educational songs but in reality, if your baby just wanted to stare out the window or safely touch all the other babies’ faces, I’m sure Val would be cool with it.
I laughed like a stupid idiot at least thrice and only made one baby cry but only because she was wearing the same dress as me and I wanted her to know how lame that was (not really).2

Editor’s Notes:

1 EPL programming is amazing.  We’ve attended Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn, Baby Laptime, Rhymes that Bind and Family Storytime.  I think it’s heart breaking when there is an under used program.  Baby Laptime at Highlands, Evening Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn at Idlwylde or Rhymes that Bind at Londonderry. The programming is free, fun, and an excuse to get out of the house.  There is no reason to not take advantage of it.  Especially the evening classes.  I want to ensure they are still there for when I return to work, so that I can also be a part of our son’s literacy journey.

2 Don’t forget you learned why pretending to eat bubbles around young impressionable baby minds is probably not the best example to set.  

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  1. fezzigbell says:

    I had to leave the Baby Laptime I attended last because my daughter walked up to the librarian and yanked the book out of her hands and threw it on the floor.

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