I’m turning 45

Tomorrow, (Oct. 15 2020) will be my birthday. I’m glad to be turning 45. There were many times when I wasn’t sure I would make it here, let alone be surrounded by love and a wonderful family.

For the passed several years I’ve been doing a stand up comedy bit for the Edmonton Comedy Festival as part of their Media Challenge night. Myself and various other media types from Edmonton do our best to make people laugh with charity in mind. Over the years, the festival donated the door revenue to Free Footie which “provides vulnerable kids with the opportunity to play in a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment at no cost to them or their families…”. This year, they are taking donations during the show. It starts virtually at 7:30 tonight. Voting begins at 8:30. You can donate and vote here. Please, only vote for me if you think my set is funny. Donate either way. You can find all the stuff right HERE.

As you can tell, I had fun last year.

Also, the Edmonton Comedy Festival is sponsored by ATB. And this year, it is virtual, so instead of hosting a pre-show schmooze with fine food and drink, Chris from ATB delivered (COVID styles) a wonderful gift picnic basket to my door yesterday. It had goodies from Lone Pine Distilling, Confetti Sweets, Boocha, Transcend Coffee, and a little sound machine that my daughter used to make both farting and gunshot sounds. Very apropos. It was awesome and a very nice surprise. One of my favourite things though, was a handwritten letter. As I guide my son through grade one of online learning, I find myself being nostalgic for script.

Also, I bought myself an adult training archery set. I’m not sure if I will return it. I was into archery a lot as a kid but that was when I was growing up in the backwoods of Cape Breton and the world was my range so to speak.

Finally, big thank you to All Tee All Shade for the rad ‘1984’ hoodie because turning 45 in 2020 doesn’t have enough coincidentally ironic overtones as it is. Also, the thing is super comfy. It is like wearing an inside out teddy bear without all the terror screams. I had to use their stock photo of it because my daughter is currently sleeping in the room with it and if she doesn’t get her sleep she turns into a real O’Brien (book name drop).

So I guess what I’m saying is, I’ve already had a good birthday. Check out the comedy festival link, vote, donate, and visit the All Tee site if you like obscure statements on clothing.

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  1. cwbudd says:

    Good luck. Will be listening.


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