Nude Pride

*Editor’s note: This is a pseudo sponsored post. You see, I enjoy Nude Vodka. Just the right amount of flavour. So, I thought I would contact them (they didn’t contact me) as they have their Pride Pack’s supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community this month. Yes, it is nearly the end of the month, but screw that. Every month is Pride Month. Please connect with whomever sells it, I know Sherbrooke Liquor does.

From the wire of domestic correspondent Elizabeth Wilkie:

The UnDad and I committed to a dry household early during the pandemic. I am an infrequent drinker, I love wine, I enjoy cider, and I have no willpower or caution when mojitos are involved. When Trent said a NUDE Pride Pack sixpack was on its way, and all were mine, I was pretty excited.

Here are my thoughts, in order of my taste test adventure:

The Classic Lime.

I started with lime on the first night. The vodka throat punched me unexpectedly. Reminded me what a casual drinker I was (usually over conversation) and alcohol hasn’t been a part of my life in a while. I drank Smirnoff ice for a brief period in my twenties and these (the limes) were way better. The overwhelming sweetness of the Smirnoff isn’t necessary and the subtle flavour of the NUDE was so much better.Mango.


Mommy likey.

I sipped this one while playing an extraordinarily painful board game made for toddlers. *Editor’s note: And after a workout.

Working the Mango out.

Cran Raspberry.

It was drunk during a viewing of an Air Buddies film (a derivative of the Air Bud franchise). I dreamed up the ways I would make my son pay in the future for all of the ‘talking dog shows’ I have been subjected to. I didn’t love this flavor. I blame the dogs not the drink.

Black Cherry

This little soldier hung out with me while I sorted socks. It went down the fastest. Yummy. The sweet sweet taste of no crap.



It reminded me of tiny sips of my parents peach cider when I was a kid. “Just one,” they would say. *Editors note: Explains a lot.

Raspberry Lemon

Came at the end of my week of taste-testing and was gone too fast.

I’m definitely sold on the Nude Vodkas. I look forward to the opportunity to take some to a friend’s house post pandemic.

Also, I really love that a portion of the pride six-pack sales go to the Rainbow Refugee Society.

Oh, and Nude supports local animal rescue organizations.

What a treat!

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