Can We Just Take A Moment?


The air has been filled with noise lately.

So much noise.

The radio, like the comment section, is an angry buzz of change and frustration.

People are stretching, just as others are huddling.

How’d we get here?

We’re stuck in these endless cycles of “busy” and just “one more sec,” “one more email,” and “one more hour.”

We forget to celebrate the good stuff.

For the last week the kids and I have been focused on new norms.

The kids are sleeping in their own beds. They are going to bed at the same time each night. They are awaking each morning at the same time. Our worlds are routine driven.

The littlest is in daycare for the month.

The oldest is attending day camp.

The kids are active and engaged. They are sleeping well. There is very little yelling.

Ok there’s some yelling, but none of the bad kind. Today, I demanded the oldest stop growling at his sister because it was scaring her and she wouldn’t stop screaming. That is until I moved closer and heard her gently whisper to her brother between screams “Growl again. Growl again!”

We’ve been making our beds each morning and putting our clothes in the hamper each night.

We are picking days to add routine to. So far we have Fried Chicken Monday, Mow the Lawn Thursday, and Funday Friday. The Undad was the catalyst with “Saturcakes” (pancakes) every Saturday morning.

Yesterday morning our alarm did its thing at 6:15 am. The sounds of selected 60s tunes from Calm radio filled the hallway. Two blurry eyed blondes stumbled into my room for love, cuddles, and snuggles. Our clothes were already laid out waiting for us. We had discussed the night before what we were having for breakfast. Lunches were already packed.

We dressed – NO arguments.

We headed downstairs – NO arguments.

We doubled checked that our lunch looked like we expected it would – NO arguments.

We got our shoes and jackets on. Put our dishes in the dishwasher. We wiped the table off. We headed out the door – NO arguments.

We had agreed, in advance, that everyone would climb into the car through the back hatch and then race to get into their car seats – NO arguments.

We dropped the oldest off at day camp at 7:30 a.m.. We had a silly walk race in. We danced our way out – NO arguments.

We drove to daycare. We dropped off bike, helmet, and baby girl. – NO arguments.

And then, guys, this is the best part. I made it to my scheduled 8 a.m. meeting ON TIME!!

No tears. No fights. No yelling.

I arrived at my meeting.

Other meeting people: “Good morning.”

Me “Good morning.”

Other meeting people: ” How are you?”

Me “So good. In fact, can we just take a moment and reflect on the fact that I somehow managed to get my toddler and preschooler to daycare and day camp with no arguments, tears, or bite marks? AND managed to arrive on time?”

We took a moment and rejoiced. We all seemed to understand this may never happen again. Parent win! We joked about what a-holes toddlers and preschoolers can be, sometimes.

So, a gentle reminder, in case you needed it, sometimes we just need to stop and take a moment. Do a little happy dance. Let another parent know they are kicking ass.

Today we celebrated how awesome the kids were and by extension, how awesome that made me feel.


Mrs Undad

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  1. Carol Budd says:

    Loved this


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