Ripshot to the heart and I’m to blame

Cheers big ears

One of the perks of writing an award-winning daddy blog, aside from opening every conversation with an introduction that contains that phrase, is that I get to pitch up and coming companies story ideas. This story is a product of that.

It went something like: Hi Ripshot, I see you are an up and coming company based out of Calgary, why don’t you send me a bit of your product and I will write a review of it?


And here we are.

Truly, it is win-win for me. Why is that? Well, Ripshot is a company that sells vodka (and whiskey) that comes in single shot shooters. And, I like vodka. Also, so does my wife.

Here is how the whole thing went down:

After sending Ripshot the wrong address, because ditziness is what I call personality, I received a cube of eight shots and two toques. After deciding that I was going to keep one of the toques because they are super warm and cozy, Elizabeth and I dove into the shots. And let me tell you this, they worked.

Not only did the shots work, they were smooth. Vodka shots aren’t a lot of people’s forte (especially not Elizabeth), but after two shots, we were both glowing and wondrously ensconced in the Berliner Philharmoniker app on our new Blu-Ray player.

Ripshot vodka review: I have drunk my fair share of vodka, and as for shots, this vodka ends with a warm glow rather than a nasty bite. The nice thing about the shot capsules is that you can measure out your drinks if you want, or you just pack them for later use. The taste is there, the effect is smooth, and the gimmick is functional. That is all you can ever want from your tasty booze.

With that said: I have an awesome Ripshot toque to give away to someone who wants it. Here is what you have to do: In five words, describe your favourite vodka memory. Be it via email, or by tweet, or on the Facebook post, or in an Instagram comment. The one that I like the best will be the winner and  I will get this toque  (below) to you by whatever means I need to. I’ll give you an example of what I’m looking for: German classical music laughing fit.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sherry Waddle says:

    Watching sunset ripple through my glass


  2. Sherry Waddle says:

    Oops auto correct added extra word should be…..

    Watching sunset ripple through glass


  3. You forgot to mention we also watched that glorious video of that guy reading the periodic table aloud that night.


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