Jeff the horse

One night, Jeff the horse had a dream.

He was frantically galloping through a field towards a thing in the distance. It was, he saw, a figure.

The figure was small, diminutive, but it emanated a sense of being that drew Jeff and he was uncontrollably was propelled towards it.

In sudden immediacy, he stopped as his four hooves pushed earth directly in front of it.

It spoke.

“Hello Jeff,” the it that is a boy said.

“Hello,” said Jeff a little confused but comfortable. Jeff added inquisitively, “How do you know my name?”

“I know lots,” said the young boy.

“Why are you in my dream,” asked Jeff.

“I did not know this was a dream,” replied the boy.

He continued.

Courtesy Creative Commons.

“We have many adventures ahead of us. I needed to meet you when we are not dreaming. And you need to meet me,” the boy said.

Jeff didn’t know what to say. And so he asked, “What is your name?”

“It doesn’t matter. Now, listen. You need to find me. I won’t know you when you do, but you need to find me. A lot of people are in trouble and we need to help them,” said the boy.

Just then, lightning struck several places all around them. It struck the way it does in dreams. It shook the earth with vibration. The boy smiled.

Jeff the Horse was confused but not frightened.

“What do I do when I find you,” he asked.

“Tell me a story,” the boy said. “Tell me a story about me and Jeff the horse. Tell me about the adventures we are going to go on and about all the people we are going to help.”

A cloud moved over the moon, blocking out all light.

Just then, Jeff the horse woke up.

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