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The Bean and Morgan the therapy dog.


I try to stay away from ‘sponsored stories’ on this site. I want to be able to say what I want without having to worry about anyone’s ‘guidelines’ or ’emotions’ or ‘why do you swear so much’ malarkey.

But, when the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) contacted me, I did not feel the same way. I recently had to fly back to Ontario (with Little Hell/ the Bean) for a funeral and the EIA made the whole process of getting a toddler on a plane super easy. Enjoyable even.

Example: At one point the Bean was having a meltdown because I wouldn’t let him pull out all the drawers at a jewelry kiosk, when an EIA staff member in an airport golf cart pulled up and asked him if he’d like to find a play area with her. After she told him I could also come, he was totally in. She drove us to the play area (he was in the front, I was in the back) and she really made our wait an easy one. She pointed out things as we drove. She asked him where he was going. They talked about planes and trains (at 2, he loves trains).

She got it. I feel EIA gets it (for me at least).

There are other reasons, but I’ll get on with the friggin’ story already.

The friggin’ story already:

“Good afternoon, Edmonton International Airport (EIA) would like to invite you, as a mommy blogger, to experience EIA in a unique way,” the email said.

So, I did the whole excursion dressed as my wife. It. Was. Fabulous. I ate all the chocolate. End of story. Thank you for coming out. You have just been patted on the bum.


After confirming that as a dad I could still be involved, and discussing with my wife, we decided to take part: Elizabeth, the Bean, our newest family member (Bean Lite) and I. Our assignment? shopping!

Fact: when you have a two week old strapped to your chest, everything is easier, even airport security. Or…maybe because we have flown with a kid so often we were used to it? Either way, they were very kind to us.They were kind even when swabbing the Bean’s hands for contraband and he was so proud. Also, the valet parkingservice was rad. Simple to use and very helpful. Basically, it is like having a home base.  The only challenge was  when the baby was spotted, the staff only wanted to focus on the infant, rather than me. They still paid extra attention to both kids, even after my spontaneous mime bit and my poem about erotic sneezes. But hey, can’t win them all.

A gaggle of Gretzkys

A gaggle of Gretzkys


The Great Tower of Gretzky.  The staff at Indigo have mad stacking skills.

All men’s bathrooms having a change table or area to change an infant in.  Doesn’t seem impressive? Apparently you are not a frequenter of ill equipped men’s washrooms like this guy.

No pushy sales driven staff (if there were, they hid it well).

The view (the architecture and layout of the thoroughfare).

The staff and their ability to solve problems.

The selection (we bought gifts for 5 kids aged 2 to 9)  and my sister-in-law, and prices..

Therapy dog.


Not really a low, but, we weren’t there for travel. Next time.


I feel a bit sheepish as I knew I was going to enjoy myself no matter what happened. I knew it was an ‘experience’. I knew what was expected of me. Truthfully, I got to spend time with my family and meet new people in a unique setting.

Oh yeah, and we got a cookie. That shit rocked.

They get it

One of our hosts and the Bean. They get it.


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  1. You are my favourite mommy blogger.

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