Episode 41: Grimpen and Friends

Mr. Nelson and Grimpen

This was fun! I got to play video games with a moon being (Grimpen) and his friend (Chris Nelson) and I wasn’t murdered nor was I consumed for nourishment by a moon being (Grimpen). Come, listen to us play a video game (Red Dead Redemption), or don’t! Here is the long description of just what the crap Grimpen and Friends is, “GRIMPEN AND FRIENDS is a variety gaming show on the website twitch.tv, streaming every weekday from 11am to 2pm PST. We play games from all sorts of different genres on all sorts of different systems while chatting about our love of video games and random stupid nonsense. ”

This episode is powered by ATB and sponsored by the Alberta Podcast Network.  Thank you to Andrew Paul and the Edmonton Community Foundation for the recording space and production help. Thanks to Caitlynn Legris for her recording and vocal talents for the new intro intro. Also, many thanks to the super talented Nathaniel Sutton (@defendtherhino) for the use of ‘Fugitive’ as a theme song.Thank you to the good people at Creative Commons for the background music on the fun parts. And hey, if you like this episode, you could always buy me a coffee.

An additional way-too-long Internet hug to Shuyler Jansen for the late night file conversion help. Radness abounds in these here parts.

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