Your Story

The pitch:

Hire Trent Wilkie of the UnDad Podcast to get ‘your story’ and get it on the front page of the paper, your paper. He will interview you, write the story, and layout the page, sending you a framable PDF of the cover of Your Story.

The longer pitch:

I’ve been a journalist for over 20 years. I was the editor of the Camrose Canadian, the Fort Sask Record, and online editor for VUE Weekly. I’ve interviewed countless celebrities and many more ‘regular Joes’ who are often more interesting than the celebrities.

Now I would like to write Your Story.

I would interview you (and up to four others of your family) and write a story on a topic that we decide upon (anniversary, birthday, retirement, birth, etc.) and write Your Story and put it on the cover of the paper.

The details:

One interview (phone). One photo (supplied). One layout. One PFD (Print friendly document). $75

One interview (in person (always better)). One photo (taken by me). One layout. One PFD. $125