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Sabbatical Star Galactica

  Ho. Lee. Shit. Where do I start? So, we had another bit of magic. On Oct. 25. A girl. Brytallique Arguebarn Firehazard Wilkie. Named after my imaginary childhood ombudswoman. Nope. Srsly though, srsly. Calm down guys. Elizabeth cooked another beauty. The babe (Whom we will call Beth (After MacBeth, the Scottish play that shall not… Read More ›

Fatherview: Ryan Jespersen

I first met Ryan…actually, I ┬ácan’t remember. I remember when I met Kari (she interviewed me for a play I wrote called Book On Tape), but Ryan…it was probably in a social setting. There was probably some liquid bread. We probably had a very in depth conversation about something that we immediately forgot afterwards. Anyway…. Read More ›

Glossary of Terms 2

This glossary is more for dads who want to sound cool in front of their friends, unlike the original glossary, which is more used to comprehend the nonsensical nature of the Undad. Blasting a D: To change a diaper. Blasting a double D: To change a really nasty diaper. Burning down the D farm: Completely… Read More ›

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