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Fatherview with Richard Bohn

I met Richard exactly one hundred years ago at a Rapid Fire Theatre improv course. The class, taught by a conscientiousness Donovan Workun, was very insightful. Richard was a funny down to earth guy and I appreciated that. After the course was over we all promised to keep in touch and so forth and so on…. Read More ›

Got my hair did

Since my wife and I had a child, there are a few things I’ve had to give up: I’ve had to give up eating a meal without being screamed at in gibberish. I’ve had to give up watching a movie without having my genitals bitten (it’s a long story). I’ve had to give up going to… Read More ›


A few years back I was contacted by the Government of Nova Scotia. There is a division that focuses on adoption and those who have been adopted. They asked me (I was adopted in Cape Breton in 1975) if I would be interested in meeting my biological and also adopted sister. At that time, I… Read More ›

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

I don’t talk about this a lot because talking about real things is still new to me. Anyway. My wife has chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. What does that mean, well, according to the Mayo Clinic, chronic fatigue syndrome is, “a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that can’t be explained by any underlying medical… Read More ›


I’ve turned forty and have learned something: Beside every Undad there who is as equal and awesome (mostly awesomer) as they are. I’d be lost without Elizabeth Wilkie. Without her, I’d be just some train jumping hobo who’d need to ‘Dutch Rudder’ an American congressman in order to steal enough fancy hotel bathrobes to pawn for McNuggets. …. Read More ›

The Walk of Life

So now the little hero walks. Well, not walks. More like falls forward and in a constant state of catching himself. Still… Next thing I know he’ll be talking. Then he’ll be telling me how he feels about things. And then, how he doesn’t like the things I like. Arguing as they call it. Then he’ll… Read More ›

Time travel

Two month update: I have been amiss due to several things of which I am explaining now. Currently, I’m in a ‘theatre’ show*. Now it is not a phrynge (pronounced /frinj/) show as we have been asked not to use the name (even when it comes to clarifying that we are not a part of… Read More ›

Hot Chip’s “Why Make Sense?” reviewed by a toddler

*The first instalment of ‘What does the baby think?’. My son likes music. At ten months old, he already has a refined taste. His faves are The Ramones, Mark Mothersbaugh (Pee Wee’s Playhouse theme) and assorted children’s music including the anthemic ‘Poop Goes In The Potty’ by Over the Rhine (I think). As Hot Chip’s ‘Alley… Read More ›

Glossary of Terms 2

This glossary is more for dads who want to sound cool in front of their friends, unlike the original glossary, which is more used to comprehend the nonsensical nature of the Undad. Blasting a D: To change a diaper. Blasting a double D: To change a really nasty diaper. Burning down the D farm: Completely… Read More ›

Experimental nudity

Today we incorporated The Judge into our lives. The Judge is our new family vehicle. The Judge brings truth (and Wilkies). But I don’t want to talk about that. Last week the family worked and volunteered for the International Children’s Festival in St. Albert (E worked, Valdy and I volunteered). It brought me many laffs and also… Read More ›

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