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My Emotions

Note: I haven’t written anything in a while. This will probably answer why. If not, then I am ok with that and you and us and all. A lot of kiddly things written focus on children’s emotions. How to deal with them, how to embrace them, how to talk about them, etc. I find dealing… Read More ›

Episode 32: The Questioneer

In this episode, Trent answers the many, many questions that his rabid fanbase* sent in to him. Some of them are funny, some sincere, and some are about corn nuts. *Just random folks (and his family) who were polite enough to answer his requests for questions. This episode is powered by ATB and sponsored by the Alberta Podcast… Read More ›

Episode 30: Julie Rohr Part 2

  In no specific order: Julie and I talk about the ‘D’ word, journalism, connecting to people you can’t connect to, understanding, being brought up religious, giving yourself grace, and even though you have cancer you still have to be a parent. This conclusion of the two-parter is a doozie. If you haven’t listened to… Read More ›

Episode 28: The good Witch of the true North

I catch up with Lindsey McNeill about what it is like to be adopted as an adult, how her and her mom are writing a book about the experience, and what it is like to be a screenwriter, producer, witch, and tarot card reader (and then she reads my tarot cards). Oh yeah, and here… Read More ›

The living and the dying

It will soon get to the point where I have to talk to the Bean about life and death. I will have to explain why people leave and don’t come back. I will have to explain that even though some believe that there is something beyond death, they still cry and weep at funerals. I will… Read More ›


Recently our family lost someone very dear to us. Elizabeth’s grandmother and Little Heck’s great-grandmother. It was surreal and tragic, and ultimately, something that will happen to all of us. This may seem trite, but I’m not about to crack open my rib cage and shoot my heart upon this post. I could never do justice towards the… Read More ›

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