Fatherview: Ryan Jespersen

I first met Ryan…actually, I  can’t remember. I remember when I met Kari (she interviewed me for a play I wrote called Book On Tape), but Ryan…it was probably in a social setting. There was probably some liquid bread. We probably had a very in depth conversation about something that we immediately forgot afterwards. Anyway….

Fatherview: Stephen Bourdeau

This is Stephen Bourdeau, Cultural Business & Events Manager for the City of St. Albert. Stephen, or Big Daddy Bordeaux as I call him (I’ve never ever actually called him that), is a man of multifarious head toppings.  A Tina Fey fan, connoisseur of sharks and a semi-closeted juggler, Stephen has a vast breadth of expression…

Fatherview with Richard Bohn

I met Richard exactly one hundred years ago at a Rapid Fire Theatre improv course. The class, taught by a conscientiousness Donovan Workun, was very insightful. Richard was a funny down to earth guy and I appreciated that. After the course was over we all promised to keep in touch and so forth and so on….