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Shibboleths (or ‘I love the interrobang’)

One of my favourite things about being a father is yelling words. I yell words all the time now. I would say it is my superpower, but I really don’t want to pigeon hole myself at such an early age. I’ve got a long way to go and anything can happen. I’m still holding out… Read More ›

The UnDad Podcast EP 17: Jana O’Connor PT 1

As the Etruscans put it, this one was a doozy. Join me and Jana O’Connor as we cover everything from antiquated idioms to how to butt in line at the dentist (and everything in between). We talked so long that I had to cut it in two. I had to cut it in two because… Read More ›

The UnDad Podcast EP 4: Deal With It

Brent Felzien espouses his trepidation of teaching his kids about the Internet and why it actually does take teamwork to make a dream work. Thank you to Andrew Paul and the Edmonton Community Foundation for the recording space and production help. Also, many thanks to the super talented Nathaniel Sutton  for the theme song. Buy me a coffee

Sabbatical Star Galactica

  Ho. Lee. Shit. Where do I start? So, we had another bit of magic. On Oct. 25. A girl. Brytallique Arguebarn Firehazard Wilkie. Named after my imaginary childhood ombudswoman. Nope. Srsly though, srsly. Calm down guys. Elizabeth cooked another beauty. The babe (Whom we will call Beth (After MacBeth, the Scottish play that shall not… Read More ›

Fatherview with Richard Bohn

I met Richard exactly one hundred years ago at a Rapid Fire Theatre improv course. The class, taught by a conscientiousness Donovan Workun, was very insightful. Richard was a funny down to earth guy and I appreciated that. After the course was over we all promised to keep in touch and so forth and so on…. Read More ›

Quality of life

I consider myself a writer. Sometimes I use the word journalist. Sometimes playwright. Other times sketch comedian. I’ve been called a blogger. I try not to use blogger, although that is what I’m doing right now. I’m telling you this because I’ve hit a wall. Not writers block or anything like that. I’ve hit a… Read More ›


Parenting and opinions go hand in hand. There is always someone willing to share their perspective with you. There is always someone who thinks they are letting you know the real truth. There is always a parent telling you how to teach your child to behave as theirs takes a shit on a police dog. We talk more than we… Read More ›

Not Swears But…

Aside from f-bombs, c-blasts and d-triggers, there are words one should shy away from when in a toddler’s vicinity.

Experimental nudity

Today we incorporated The Judge into our lives. The Judge is our new family vehicle. The Judge brings truth (and Wilkies). But I don’t want to talk about that. Last week the family worked and volunteered for the International Children’s Festival in St. Albert (E worked, Valdy and I volunteered). It brought me many laffs and also… Read More ›

Hiatus cleanser

This is what the cool kids who smoked at the smelly barn I grew up near called a ‘hiatus cleanser’. Just kidding. They weren’t kids. Anyway, it has been a bit of an Undad break as family life has ensconced all facets of my smarmy existence. All is well though. I even think I used ‘ensconced’… Read More ›

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