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Michelle Obama murdered Joan Rivers and is a man

My toddler is learning how to lie. Today he told Elizabeth that I said some things to him. These things benefitted him and his stance on bedtime. This isn’t new. Other fibs he’s told have leaned towards him getting more candy or TV or bees (long story). I never said any of the things he… Read More ›

Fatherview: Jason Strudwick

If you look close at Jason Strudwick you can see a collection of scars. Punches, stitches, a few hockey stick blades…whatever causes a scar, they are stories told on his face. He was a stalwart NHL defenceman for several teams. To some, he’s the burly gent that can deliver a bitchin’ press lift on Battle of the… Read More ›

Magic Realism

Sundays are Sundays. Not Sunday fun-day or drink-away Sunday, they are Sundays. They are a ham sandwich. They are a gray calm. Not this Sunday. Today was two things: a sick family with needs and an interview with the intrepid Karen Unland for her stalwart masterpiece Seen and Heard. Needless to say, I was jazzed. And… Read More ›

Baby faced slayah

118th Ave. in Edmonton doesn’t have the best reputation. It’s rough. It’s tumble. It has a history of violence and prostitution. This is all changing. There are still remnants of it, but 118th is morphing towards progress. We live near 118th (also known as Alberta Ave.), so it is a part of our community. I take… Read More ›

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