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Episode 40: MAGApause

This is a fun little episode I threw together after the family had a fun little nugget of food poisoning. Great times! Thanks to Jana O’Connor, Lou Casemore, and Samara Von Rad for their editorial input on the title bit. Also, the second part is a rendition of a song I did for Weird Al… Read More ›

Paw Patrol is Satanic

    Anyone who has seen this so-called cartoon knows that Paw Patrol is purest of evil. So very. It has control over the minds of our children. It sometimes has control over mine. The other day, someone asked me, “Who is on a roll?” I almost said Paw Patrol. Is everywhere. Always. For me, I’ve… Read More ›

The Star Spangled Banner is just a series of confused questions.

Say, can you see? See what? What are you yelling about? By the dawn’s early light? It’s dim out. It is dim. WTF and I supposed to see in the dim there yeller? What so proudly we hailed? Agreed. What, did you hail? And why proudly if you couldn’t see it? Blind patriotism? At the… Read More ›

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