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The Art of Authenticity

The Undad has been struggling. Struggling with where he fits and how he fits. What art is? What his art is? Is this art? If it’s not, what is it? For now the podcast is on hold and the blog is evolving. He knows, right now, he doesn’t fit here. He was thinking about ending… Read More ›

How to change a life in 6 weeks, blow up the internet in 24 hours and destroy a person’s confidence in an afternoon of texts.

6 weeks ago I entered into a 42 day fitness challenge. I clung to a thread of hope that on the other side I would have a wee bit more energy, a touch more health, a dash more confidence, enough weight loss to fit into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, and, if I was exceptionally lucky, I’d… Read More ›

Lady Wizard

Love is everything and nothing at all. It is effortless and extremely difficult. It is magic and science. It just is. Also, it isn’t. Elizabeth Wilkie is a soldier in trenches of the war of love. Also: Life. She battles everyday. Against her body. Against time. Against it all. Then, she sleeps. Seriously, this chick… Read More ›

Magic Beans and the Ponies

Our house is never quiet. Every second propels us forward. Tic. Tic. Tic. The last 4 years have been an adventure. The last 2 years have been a war. The last 4 months have been hell. 4 years ago beautiful Bean 1 arrived. 2 years ago uniquely determined Bean 2 arrived. 1 year 10 months… Read More ›

How to Drive Your Woman Wild

I’m not embarrassed to admit that finding ourselves pregnant nine months after getting married pretty much brought our honeymoon lifestyle to a screeching stop.  Between gaining 76 lbs with my pregnancy, 8 months of morning (all day) sickness, 2 months of pregnancy related hives, postpartum liver deficiency,  the unbelievable stress/expense of taking four months of… Read More ›

Why I Love my Husband Enough to Embrace Dingy Whites

Laundry is tough. It takes time and effort. It’s necessary, but often a struggle. It seems endless and limiting, but the joy of freshly laundered sheets or pajamas is incomparable. Relationships are equally tough. They are filled with drama and strife.  Often we feel the other is insane.  She wants what? He won’t do what?… Read More ›

Kiss my Ass (lips)…

Every time I’ve put chap stick on my lips today, I’ve giggled to myself. Let me explain. Last week when we returned from Cuba, The Undad and I found a sample of Soothe from Happy Nappy in our diaper delivery bag; they are rolling out a whole line of natural products, and this was a way to get the… Read More ›

Captain Fearless

Valdy is a handful, like every other toddler.  I like to think he’s exceptional in every way, but the speed with which he can get into trouble is not particularly unique to the mini humans of the world. When I bought my cute little 600 sq ft red house I had anticipated being single long… Read More ›


First off, Mrs Undad is always trying to find ways to fund the fun in our lives. Which means some of the stuff I’m going to share in Mrs Undad posts will contain affiliate codes.  What’s that mean?  It means if you click on an affiliate link in a story and end up buying something,… Read More ›

Happy Nappy

Before Valdy had even arrived.  The Undad and I had decided to go with cloth diapers. I had read that cloth diapers often resulted in children that potty trained earlier.  Trent embraced the opportunity to gamble on changing less diapers. We (me) read every story I could find online about cloth diapers.  I read blogs about… Read More ›

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