A Rain Coat and a Cookie


Last year The Undad and I were invited to a Facebook group that has changed how we parent and spend money.

A private group with slightly less than 300 members entirely set up to give unwanted items away

I rarely buy anything new now. Clutter is increasingly limited in our house. Santa brought Kijiji finds last year.

Outgrowing shoes is no longer a nightmare.

We love it.

I also search Facebook marketplace religiously for things I know we will need in the very near future like snowsuits, bikes, skates, and boots.

Today we bought an excellent pair of winter boots for the littlest, because this morning as I lay freezing in my bed I noticed all of the leaves I could see were already turning yellow. I think we may skip fall. I am embracing the possibility.

Yesterday I stopped by St. Albert’s LoSeCa’s $1 sale and bought a raincoat for ages 3 to 6. Both kids love it.

So, basically what I am saying is we pinch our pennies, but then feel ok grabbing an hour for a mommy date complete with a kid’s hot chocolate and a giant chocolate chunk cookie.

We sat. We chatted. We counted the lights. We talked about coffee beans. We giggled at silly winky faces. We held hands. We discussed heading over to the drugstore for new toothbrushes.

This evening as we ate our dinner on the floor while hosting a teddy bear picnic for our stuffy friends, my littlest tipped her head towards mine. Her cheek touched my cheek. “Mom, you’re wonderful.”

I love these beautiful beans.


Mrs Undad

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