The Art of Authenticity


The Undad has been struggling.

Struggling with where he fits and how he fits. What art is? What his art is? Is this art? If it’s not, what is it? For now the podcast is on hold and the blog is evolving.

He knows, right now, he doesn’t fit here.

He was thinking about ending The Undad.

Stepping back. Stepping down. Saying goodbye.

I asked if he would consider letting me maintain The Undad, for now. Let the storm pass. Let the sky clear.

For now, it will be you and I, and less Undad.

For now, it will be my truth in parenting and less detail about The Undad’s.

I’m going to be playing some catch up on some awesome opportunities that our family enjoyed because of The Undad. I hope to share more of our day-to-day with you. For example, today’s “Get your finger out of your nose count” is only 6, so let’s embrace that the first 12 minutes of the day went exceptionally well.

So. Here we are. Are you loving your kid? Are you fighting for what’s best? Are you fighting for them? Are you teaching them to be strong and resilient? Are you teaching them to be kind and caring? Are you showing them compassion? Are you demonstrating empathy? Are you filling their hearts with love? Then, please know, you’re doing a great job, and while it may not get easier, know, we’re here, fighting this weird, strange, wonderful fight along side you.

“Stop sitting on your sister.”

“Don’t growl at your brother.”

“Why would you throw your shoe at your sister?”

“Get your fingers out of your bum.”


Mrs Undad

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sherry Waddle says:

    Love to see you taking the reins of this for awhile!❤️😊


    1. riz_b says:

      Thanks Sherry. Happy to keep it going for now, and have a bit of a non-work related project on the go.


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