Lady Wizard

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E to the glorious Lizabeth

Love is everything and nothing at all.

It is effortless and extremely difficult.

It is magic and science.

It just is. Also, it isn’t.

Elizabeth Wilkie is a soldier in trenches of the war of love. Also: Life. She battles everyday. Against her body. Against time. Against it all.

Then, she sleeps. Seriously, this chick sleeps like a river flows into a waterfall. To watch her sleep it to experience the gears of the world clock move. It is hyper functional and utterly satisfying. That sounds weird, but it wasn’t meant to be, so fuck you (but not really).

She recently took a chance on something. This thing changed all our lives. And by all, I mean mine. And the whole family as well.

On a whim she did it. It was expensive, but when looking at the outcome, it was extremely affordable.

It was about food. I’ll continue.

I’ve always had a bad relationship with food and with my body weight. For example, at the ripe old age of 30 I remember Amy Neufeld explaining to me that juice had a lot of calories. “Juice,” I idiotically replied, “It’s a liquid, I don’t understand.” Amy is still my friend and for this I apologize to her.

But because of Elizabeth’s taken chance, I see food differently. I’m starting to love it, not hate it. I won’t go on, because Elizabeth is going to write something about this, but I’ve started to understand food.

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” Kate Moss once daftly stated, but because of the chance that Elizabeth took, I now know that food (when eating in the right portions and cooked in the proper way) tastes better because it is not a reward. It is not a pity fuck. It is just a thing you put in your face to make you more awesome.

Thank you Elizabeth. You enigmatically righteous weird rock star. You changed my life for the good. For the better. For the magical.

I’m going to live 20 years longer now.

I’m not going to apologize but, you better prepare.

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