It is what it is

A few people have mentioned that the VUE Weekly ‘Best of Edmonton’ is popularity contest. Sure, I can see that. Many have congratulated me, and I embrace that too. Recognition, in any form is great. The way I see it (Side Note: I didn’t vote in the BOE), it is free marketing. So of course I’m going to take advantage of it. Also, it gets me in the viewfinder with awesome people like Ryan Parker (who is doing/has done a whole series on the winners).

Ryan Parker Photography

Winning ‘Best Family Blog’ and ‘Best Podcast’ will hopefully open some doors for me. Recently, Mostly Water decided not to continue with Metro Shorts. The 10 year run seemed a good time to go out on. I’m going to need to find some work. I’m going to have to hustle. My gig with the Alberta Podcast Network is nice and keeps me busy, but as you can see from the work below my ‘digital media aesthetic’ is not going to get me the big bucks.

Yes, Ryan’s is better.

It is with all this in mind that I’m going to tweak the UnDad Podcast just a bit. The original idea was just to focus on parenting and what it is like to be a parent, but I’ve come to an understanding about people in general: we are all formed by our family. Being a parent is one thing, but what I’m finding more interesting are people’s family dynamic and the roles within that form them. It is a little more intimate yes, but I think that it is also a bit more interesting to most. Call it diversification.

In wrapping this up, if you or you know someone who would like to work with me or be on the podcast. Fire me a message. I would love to chat. Also, below is a list of the social media winners:

If you liked this silly gibberish you could buy me a coffee. If you are looking for more ridiculousness you could visit my podcast. If you have any questions, you could leave them in the comments. Or subscribe or not. Or whatever. Good job!


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