Top 3 UnDad Family Movies 2018

In the blogging biz lists are the shit. And by shit, I mean they gargle blast your influencer rating to ‘rudimentary’. So, being a bit of a film buff, I’ve decided to do something ‘white guy’ easy, and tell you what I think about stuff.

Here are the UnDad’s top picks for best family* movies of 2018.

*Not necessarily family friendly, but, there are families involved. Huzzah!

Courtesy of PalmStar Media

3: Hereditary

Synopsis: A family deals with tragedy as they realize that devils are in the details.

Hereditary: Your mom is weird.

An excerpt from THIS: “… the film Hereditary is gorgeously terrifying. It shies away from the typical jump scare to engross the viewer in a solidly horrifying tale of a dark family lineage and how they try to cope on the edge of sanity. Loss, estrangement, and the most memorable collections of visual astonishments since the Exorcist (floor pee, the spinning head, crab walk, crucifix sex). If you are a film buff and don’t mind coming very close to pooping your pants in fear, Hereditary is something you will never forget. Also, Toni Collette should win many awards for her performance. Srsly.”

Courtesy of StudioCanal

2: Paddington 2

Synopsis: Ursus marmaladeus gets involved with the right kind of convicts.

P2: Never trust actors.

Pure family fun. Entrenched with innocence and hope, the bear with a positive tilt does his best to do right by the people he loves. As per usual, Brendan Gleason turns what could be a basic character into a full-on canon of humanity. For sheer heart, wonder, and an all-engrossing positive experience, P2 is tip to tails an engrossing and wholesome love in. Also, the ending, let ’em flow. This is the only family-friendly movie on the list. If you have been listening to The UnDad Podcast lately, you will realize that you are welcome.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

1: A Quiet Place

Synopsis: The world is overrun by sound sensitive apex predators. They hear you and they kill you and you are delicious.

A Quiet Place: Thank you for not shutting up.

The best family movie, not a family movie but a family-oriented movie, is a Quiet place. John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe draw together to form this human gene bond. Sure, it has elements of horror. But, do not elements of tragedy and horror hold hands when emotion comes in to play? I think we will soon realize that horror is not horror, it is the theatrical tragedy, and A Quiet Place has this, but also, so much love and hope and perseverance. I do not write spoilers but, parents, watch this. It is heart wrenching and horrifying. But the end, oh the end, it kicks at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.

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