…and the most beautifully horrific film I’ve ever seen.


First off:

This was a long time coming. The winner of the extremely functional Ripshot toque is Chantelle Abma for her vodka memory in five words.

Vodka memory:

Bus ride tattler ruins the day.*


“Taking a bar fridge sized bottle of it to school when I was maybe like nine or so, showing it to a friend on the bus ride to school but snoopy Danny who didn’t like me much saw and said he’d tattle. My friends and I decided it was best to dump the hooch out on the deck of our portable and Danny tattled anyway. Parents were called and my mom told me I might not get into the college of my choice now because I had a record (I was in about grade five or so, so not even into high school). I realize now she was not telling me the truth but at the time it was devastating. I had never actually drunk vodka at that point even once. I still don’t like Danny and I haven’t seen him in like 22 years.”

Chantal, if you still haven’t tried vodka, I will entice you with a picture because I know what normally fuels your machine:

Photo courtesy Ripshot


I was on the awesome I Don’t Get It podcast with Mr. Andrew Paul (not to be confused with the phrase ‘And RuPaul’). Here is a description of the episode: “It’s a peanut butter and jam-slammed episode of #yegarts news, Sterlings chatter, classical Kathak in KHOJ, and a very special drop-in by Trent Wilkie from The Undad to talk about Concrete Theatre‘s Sprouts Festival and theatre for kidlets. Also Fawnda attempts to describe seeing Angels in America in one measly minute. Listen to her fail!”

Catch the podcast HERE.

And with the bronze:

This is a family blog. Meaning, it is about family, not so much ‘family friendly’ although, the argument could be put forward that there is no one family to be friendly with as all families are inherently fucked. With that said, the film Hereditary is gorgeously terrifying. It shies away from the typical jump scare to engross the viewer in a solidly horrifying tale of a dark family lineage and how they try to cope on the edge of sanity. Loss, estrangement, and the most memorable collections of visual astonishments since the Exorcist (floor pee, the spinning head, crab walk, crucifix sex). If you are a film buff and don’t mind coming very close to pooping your pants in fear, Hereditary is something you will never forget. Also, Toni Collette should win many awards for her performance. Srsly.


This week’s podcast features the blunt force humour of Edmonton cartoonist and journalist Chad Huculak. Return here on Wednesday to catch our latest episode of The UnDad Podcast. It is truly ‘rip ass’ (a very positive thing according to my grandmother).

*I don’t count ‘the’ in my word count. I’m a snob that way.

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