You don’t have to buy me a coffee

Hey friendos!

You may or may or may not have seen this little image popping up at the end of my posts:

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee
It is basically this: “Buy Me A Coffee is a free platform for creators to receive donations from their audience in a quick and friendly manner.” I was originally trying a site called “Buy Me A Picture Of Your Face So I Can Yell At It Whenever I Want To Because I Have To Blame Others For My Issues And This Is How I Choose To Deal With Them”, but I found that platform was way too unfriendly and time-consuming.

You, dear visitor, are under no obligation to buy me any coffees. It is just a way to pull in an extra buck here and there. I’m not a big fan of the Patreon route, plus, I find the phrase ‘buy me a coffee’ way more subversive than ‘pay me to do stuff I’d normally do for free’, and you all know how much I love my subversiveness.

There will be a few intermittent posts here and there in the next few weeks. As well, the weekly podcast will come out every Wednesday. This week’s is a doozy.

It is with this brief post that I bid you good day.

All the all in allegory,


Never steal a horse in Fort Saskatchewan.


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