Clearly a good experience

It all started with a joke:

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 8.06.20 PM

Check that. It all started with some strong little hands that love grabbing things off of my wife’s face. And mangling. There was mangling. Then came the joke. So yeah, my timeline is a bit off. What can I say, we were grieving. Anyway. Then this happened:

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 8.06.41 PM

I thought, “Great. Maybe Clearly can fix them for cheap or something.” So, I DM’ed them and sent them the info. And, to quote Shakespear, I dost shit-eth thou not, they sent another pair. Free of charge. To our home. Within three days. Seriously. Great customer service. Above and beyond type stuff. My wife and I were elated. But then…but then…we get this in the mail today:


For the record, those are sunglasses, a lemon citron facemask, a Minions colouring book and stickers. All accompanied by a card. This was sent to us out of the blue. From Wikipedia: Out of the blue is an informal English language idiom that describes an event that occurs unexpectedly, without any warning or preparation. It is used as an adverb. The blue in the phrase refers to the sky, one from which a sudden thunderstorm is unexpected.

Oh, and the card:


Are you kidding me? Handwritten? Who does that? Clearly had already given us top notch customer service, but now I feel that we have to put ‘JB’ on the Christmas card list. It really made our day.

Anyway, our toddler has already spilled juice all over the card, eaten the crayons, used the facemask to paint the walls, confused the sunglasses for a dryer sheet, and spilled juice all over the card. So yeah…clearly we are going to need more of each, Clearly*.

If you are interested in their products and their service, take a look at their promotions page HERE.

*Started with a joke/ended with a joke. 

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