Extra Life 4: Something Stupid

Best beasts

Many things have happened in the past month.

We moved into a wonderful new house. The tiniest monster had her first birthday. And I had my Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy birthday (42).

That is why I’m only aiming for a donation total of $100 this year. It is the minimum, but right now, time is at a minimum for me.

Nevertheless, I’ll still be doing 24hrs on the 4th because I hope to never have to use the establishment I’m collecting donations for. Namely, The Stollery Children’s Hospital.

In the past, I’ve aimed high. I’ve made over $2000 and was hoping to beat my last year’s record ($640). But this year, I just want to be able to participate. And with the support of my partner, I can. Without her support…well…my life would be absolute crap. Anyway.

A lot could happen in 24hrs. I could level my warlock so hard that I lose my sense of smell. I become so sleep deprived that I try to teach our Great Dane to drive (we don’t have a Great Dane). Or one of my eyes could explode again. It really is a loot bag of possibilities.

Click the link below, or follow me on the social medias. It’ll surely be a shit storm.

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