Trying to make sense of being a father, husband and a malcontent

The Art of Together

Mrs. Undad

My husband and I are still learning to be a couple.

My husband, the kids and I are still learning to be a family.

My husband is an exceptional dad.

I am a kick ass mom.

Alone we are invincible, together we can be tumultuous.

My husband is an extroverted introvert.  He thrives alone. He copes with groups by taking control, grabbing the reigns, drawing on humor and making himself the centre of attention. It is in the quiet of alone that he becomes most rejuvenated and builds a reserve of resilience to carry him another day.

I’m an introverted extrovert.  I thrive around other people but prefer that attention not be directed at me.  My energy comes in experiencing the vibrancy and joy of others, quietly at the sidelines.


My husband and I both try our very best to set aside our personal preferences for social constructs to expose…

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