Itchy trigger Fringer

There has been quite an extended bit of radio silence here at the Undad for 2.5 reasons. I’m in 2.5 shows in the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival.

Why would I do that you ask? Simple answer: sheer staggering stupidity. Real answer: I like to keep busy, and before E and I knew Bean number 2 was on the way I agreed to do two shows. Then with my friend and emotional mentor Christian contracting meningitis, I wanted to do something for the man who does so much for me (I would like to add that he is currently kicking meningitis’ ass), thus the .5.

To summarize:

2UP: Second Player

Mostly Water Theatre got the band back together for this awesome ride 2UP: Second Player: “Mostly Water is back for their first fringe in five years with a new sketch show, blending stage, song and video into a hilarious, soupy pile of goodness.

From the makers of ***** fringe hits 1UP and 15 Minutes, 2UP: Second Player explores the gamification of life and the past and present games that fill up our heart-meters.

We’ve pulled out all the stops for this baby with fine sketch, music, animation, marionettes and an epic continuation of our popular Oilers Lost viral hit.”


What the picture says.

I’m in this whimsical journey of two singing priests The Heaven’s Gates Singers: “When Father Bob and Father Delgheti hire Stu Middleman to manage their singing career, they find themselves performing at the oddest places you would never expect to see two singing priest. Regardless of where Stu sends them one thing is constant… the show must go on.”

Deleted Scenes

And I’m hosting (and writing a bulk of the scenes) for this Zyp fundraiser called Deleted Scenes: “Deleted Scenes is a live, reader’s theatre version of scenes that just didn’t make it into various popular television shows and movies (basically, we made them up). Come and laugh and drink beer and laugh at us while we read through these ridiculous scenes. Alf, Game of Thrones, Golden Girls, Star Trek TNG, Reading Rainbow…etc.

Want to help? Sure, that can happen. We will need people to read. If you don’t want to read, and want to write some scenes, that would work too. If you want to help facilitate the night, that’s cool too. Samara von Rad or myself will be there every night to tell you what to do.

EXCLAIMER: It is a bar, so 18 plus only. Also, there will be swearing in the scenes. Also, weirdness. Swearing and weirdness. Consider yourself titillated/warned.

If you are interested in helping in any way, fire an email to”

During my Tour du Dumb, Elizabeth has been holding down the fort. All while having a nasty a chest cold, coughing fits and oh yeah, she’s super pregnant. She is so pregnant that her belly should have a cape.

So yeah. Stay tuned. I’ll try not to stay stupid.

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