Modern Gods


I’m not a religious person.

I was when I was a kid. Baptized. Confirmed. Confessed. The whole shebang.

Then, as a teenager in the woods looking up at the stars, I had a moment of personal clarity.

How could so many people be right? How could so many people be wrong?

“God does exist, just not the one you believe in.”

Anyway, this is relevant because my child will have questions. My wife, in all her benevolent brilliance, doesn’t hold my skepticism. We do our best not to talk abou it.

I’m not an atheist mind you, I just think we are still too primitive to know what is and what isn’t ‘God’. Yesterday’s science is today’s magic after all. Or is it the other way around? No matter, I don’t want to get too much into that as I don’t want to insult anyone (further), but I will say this: There could be something, and whether or not it is indifferent to us is irrelevant to the way we should live our lives.

This brings to the forefront: Santa.

Santa exists until he doesn’t. Until his usefulness runs out. At the same time, in my mind, so does God. Until the point where the young human realizes that the naughty list is in their control, Santa is relevant. What is the naughty list? Well, I’ll leave that up to modernity. And the courts.

I don’t think that people shouldn’t believe what they believe, nor do I think they are wrong, but, it is the way they live their lives in their God’s eyes that shows the quality of the person, not the God in whose eyes they try to live.

Who knows what currently acceptable religions will be seen as myths a couple centuries from now. For me though, right now, I’m just focusing on not being such a dick.


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  1. The Manuel Coalition says:

    Am I getting this right, you comparing believe in God with believe in santa?


    1. Which God are you referring to?


      1. The Manuel Coalition says:

        Well, I mean God as creator regardless of which religion is true.


      2. The Manuel Coalition says:

        Now you’re dodging my question. The question is simple: is your article saying believe in God is same as believe in santa?


      3. Reread the article.


      4. The Manuel Coalition says:

        At least I’m asking to be sure. You have the liberty of clarifying


      5. And you have the liberty of being anonymous. If you are offended by what I wrote, my apologies. That was not my intent.


      6. The Manuel Coalition says:

        I never alluded to being offended. You owe me no apologies.


      7. Excellent. Then I’m glad we had this chat.


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