The living and the dying

We are very star.

It will soon get to the point where I have to talk to the Bean about life and death. I will have to explain why people leave and don’t come back.

I will have to explain that even though some believe that there is something beyond death, they still cry and weep at funerals. I will have to explain that even though some believe that there is nothing beyond being alive, that life is still worth living.

I will have to explain that sometimes, people only start caring about people after they die. That they only then start expressing how much they care for those that passed and that they should have started while they were alive. I will say that they have trouble expressing themselves and death confuses them. I will say that this is very common.

I will explain that I am very guilty of this, and I should have spent more time telling those that I love how much they mean to me and celebrating them while they are alive. I will have to explain to him that regret can kill, so one might as well beat regret to the punch by acting on emotion; by embracing it and subsequently the invoker of it.

I will say that one can love someone they never met, well not them, but what they represent and how they made the person feel. I will explain that drinking them up while they are alive will allow one to better cope with their passing, even though it may not seem like it at the time.

I will also have to explain to him that I really don’t know what I’m talking about. That this is my best guess at an answer that has always been guessed at for as long as people have had ideas and opinions on such topics.

I will then tell him how much I love him. And then I will wipe my tears on the front of his shirt.

Pater, valde te amo. Gaudeo venisses in occursum mihi filius. Gaudeo me venisses felix amat. Quaeso te amo, quod sciam . Quaerit opes magis quam iusti sumus.

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