Wet Wind Island



Elizabeth and I took Little Hell camping for the first time. Not camping camping, but ‘an awesome friend lent us a trailer’ camping. It was much needed.

It rained throughout the three days of our stay at the Zeiner campground and on top of that, the temperature rarely was above ten degrees celsius. It was cold and wet, but in the trailer, it was dry and warm.

On the second day we visited a friend’s cottage in Pigeon Lake for a baby shower. It was a family event and Eliza and I were honoured to attend. Little Hell was his glorious self. It was a Newfie haven, you know, because of the Beast.

This was our only intermission from what I’m calling Wet Wind Island.

Here is what I learned from these wonderful days:

  1. You can take over 200 pictures of your socks and still not be bored by pictures of your socks (especially if you age is still measured in months).
  2. East coasters go all out for you if you are gluten free. And in need of a drink.
  3. It’s tough to realize that your dam is broken while all your emotion flows from you.
  4. I need to stand by a fire to not be a mess.
  5. My son really likes bananas, crackers, puddles and boobies.
  6. One person’s pooping is just another person’s showing off.
  7. Bring a colouring book everywhere. And two crayons.
  8. Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.
  9. Parenting is an existential exercise in trying to make it not be.
  10. Cuddling has never been overrated.
  11. Cards are better than TV, unless you are alone.
  12. Don’t edit your dreams when explaining them to your wife, especially when you need to explain why you were stabbed five times while trying to rent a horror movie and then got a free lunch on the Queen Elizabeth Riverboat because your wounds were still bleeding.
  13. While showering in a Park Campground with your little human, it’s best to let them yell. Especially when the mom can return the mammalian call.
  14. On the topic of mammals, remember that we are a social creature. Embrace those that open their fires to you. Let them know you think their dogs are rad.
  15. A bed is an awesome baby jail.
  16. Learn to love yourself again. Not because you feel you need to, but because you need to.
  17. Rebelling against what you once thought was lame makes you a rebel’s rebel.



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