Kiss my Ass (lips)…


Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 9.42.07 PM.png

Every time I’ve put chap stick on my lips today, I’ve giggled to myself. Let me explain.

Last week when we returned from Cuba, The Undad and I found a sample of Soothe from Happy Nappy in our diaper delivery bag; they are rolling out a whole line of natural products, and this was a way to get the word out.  The website includes a product write up about how it could be used for lips or bums (but never both using the same tube).

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for this sample to come into my life.  My skin arrived back from Cuba very confused.  Where did all the moisture go? The skin that stretched painfully across my skeleton mourned so gregariously the loss of humidity that it threatened to just crack off and run away.  The tube said “The Perfect Multi-Use Stick for Moody Skin!”  Excellent, sign me up.  Let’s slather that baby everywhere! The perfect multi-use stick for a moody red head? I think so.

Any way, back to the whole point of this post.  My giggling at work.  The random thoughts that crossed my mind as I put “Soothe” on my lips included:  mmm, soft as a baby’s bottom and kiss my ass(lips).  Also, doesn’t everyone else find it funny that a product that has brought me so much comfort this week, came out of a diaper bag?

I guess it’s a Happy Nappy kind of week for me.  I like the chap stick enough though, that I’m looking forward to trying more of their natural products.  I’m pro any product that I like and can be easily delivered to my door!

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