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First off, Mrs Undad is always trying to find ways to fund the fun in our lives. Which means some of the stuff I’m going to share in Mrs Undad posts will contain affiliate codes.  What’s that mean?  It means if you click on an affiliate link in a story and end up buying something, I earn a percentage (4%) of your purchase.  I won’t be sharing anything with you that isn’t a part of our lives, but wanted to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Valdy is busy. Very busy! Incredibly busy.  He spends a lot of time moving shoes around our small home.  He loves shoes.  He likes to hide them with his toys. Throwing them over the child safety gate and down the stairs is simply delightful. The best of shoe world is catching mommy unaware and hurling a shoe at her as she checks a text message or updates the budget.

Trent and I were sick of spending so much time chasing shoes around the house.  Every time we’d try to leave, we’d suddenly find ourselves frantically searching for the mate to a shoe.  On a visit to my parents we stumbled upon a possible solution in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. The catalog had a 6 tier shoe tree that promised you could store 36 pairs of shoes in only 1′ of floor space.  The price was way out of our league, but we were sold on the possibility.

I began searching the internet for an affordable option, and stumbled upon several suppliers of the Floor To Ceiling Shoe Spinner on  We decided to take a chance on it.

For less than $100 we’ve regained some of our sanity.  We’ve positioned the majority of the tiers above Valdy’s reach.  Our back entry is no longer an obstacle course of piled shoes, and neither of us has been hit in the head with a shoe over the past two weeks. Ok, shoes have been replaced by cars, puzzle pieces, Elmo, crayons and blocks – but no shoes!  It’s not the prettiest solution, but it works!  So, here’s to 36 shoes in 1′ of floor space!

Check it out!

*This post includes affiliate links.

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