Hot Chip’s “Why Make Sense?” reviewed by a toddler

*The first instalment of ‘What does the baby think?’.

My son likes music. At ten months old, he already has a refined taste. His faves are The Ramones, Mark Mothersbaugh (Pee Wee’s Playhouse theme) and assorted children’s music including the anthemic ‘Poop Goes In The Potty’ by Over the Rhine (I think).

As Hot Chip’s ‘Alley Cats’ was played at his parent’s wedding, the littlest Wilkie thought it prudent to review their newest album. Here is a play by play to Little Heck’s response to each song from Hot Chip’s latest.

“Huarache Lights”

He waved his hands in the air, but not like he didn’t care. He cared a lot. So much so, he screamed.

“Love Is the Future”

Some screaming along with it. Mostly “Yayayayaya”. Then he scared himself and stopped.

“Cry for You”

Toddlercop has a lot of toys that make noise. I’m not going to say that he tried to make his mini-airplane mash up with the latter part of this track, but I’m not going to not say it either. What?

“Started Right”

This one lost him. He crawled off and started playing in the dog dish water. We had a conversation about that. How it’s wrong. Not right like the song says, but wrong. So wrong. Many times wrong. I’m thinking that he doesn’t respect me.

“White Wine and Fried Chicken”

He played with his bunny Fiver. He played nice. He smiled a lot. He told Fiver a lot of stories during this song.

“Dark Night”

He shook it until he almost broke it. This was by far his favourite. So gratuitous.

“Easy to Get”

This was a write off. Diaper change. Food break. Almost hit the danger zone here. Almost.

“Need You Now”

He was getting a bit tired, but laid on his back and tranced at the ceiling. He also looked at his hands a lot.

“So Much Further to Go”

At this point the dog came in and started licking his face. He doesn’t mind this. Mr. Boobers does it whenever he can. They have a strong bond it seems.

“Why Make Sense?”

Little heck stared at me a lot during this one. I don’t know if he knew it, but he was looking at me…maybe through me. I don’t want to get weird, but I’m pretty sure this was the first time he tried to read my mind. He is one for one so far.


He Who Shall Not Be Named has rated this album 7.5 gratuitous butt wiggles out of 10. He enjoyed it whole heartedly. Except for that song he pooped through. He couldn’t focus on that one. Too much crapping going on.

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