Silly things people have said to me after I told them I’m going to take 33 weeks of paternity leave


“It’s going to be nice to have all that free time.”

“How are you going to make money?”


“What is your wife going to do?”

“You’ll be able to play more video games.”

“You have a kid?”

“How are you going to keep your job?”

“You’ll get a lot of writing done.”

“You’ll have a lot of personal time.”

“You can finish all those projects you are working on.”

“What’s paternity?”

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  1. Janelle Aker says:

    BAH HA! I assume these were said by non parents? 🙂

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    1. riz_b says:

      We get a lot of whys from moms. I get “but didn’t you want to stay home”? Yes, yes I did, but that was out of financial possibility, and then they stare even harder unsure of how to process the female having the more relied upon income.

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